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The Institute for Medical Science & Technology (IMSaT), University of Dundee, brings engineers, physicists, mathematicians life scientists, clinicians, health service providers, and corporate partners for R&D in: diagnostic & therapeutic imaging including MRI, ultrasound and photonic techniques; drug delivery, minimally invasive surgery, nanotechnologies. IMSaT is ISO certified and houses laboratory and workshop space adjacent to an imaging facility with 1.5 TMRI system with an integrated surgical suite and a dedicated cadaver preparation facility. In six years IMSaT has gained research funding <€25M on MRgFUS-mediated targeted drug delivery (, tissue motion in focused ultrasound (, and methods to integrate new, minimal access surgery techniques, image-guided interventions ( and several other UK grants funding <60 researchers.

Key staff:

Prof. Andreas Melzer (Medical Coordinator) is Professor of Medical Technology and Fouding Director IMSaT and has experience in MRI-compatible robot, tissue motion and perfusion of soft-embalmed cadavers, MRg focused ultrasound surgery.<€10M as PI >100 patents and >200 papers & book chapters, >300 invited talks and has been involved in 7 medtech startups.

Prof. Graeme Houston, Prof Houston is Prof of Clinical Imaging, University of Dundee. As an interventional and cardiovascular radiologist for 16 years, his main research is in the field of cardiovascular image guided diagnosis and therapy and MRI. He has 10 years experience in research, development and testing of cardiovascular devices preclinical and clinical trials.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 611889