Dissemination Activities

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 Selected conference participations are listed on this page.

Conference Title Date Partner
FUS Symposium TRANS-FUSIMO - Preliminary in-vivo animal results of MR-guided Focused Ultrasound of liver under respiratory motion October, 2018 UOP
FUS Symposium TRANS-FUSIMO -- Safety and efficacy evaluation of a novel motion compensated FUS treatment system for clinical use October, 2018 FME
FUS Symposium TRANS-FUSIMO - In-silico First-stage Evaluation and Parameter Optimization of a FUS System for Moving Targets October, 2018 FME
FUS Symposium TRANS-FUSIMO - A novel system for treatment support for FUS applications in moving abdominal organs October, 2018 FME
MICCAI Active Learning for Segmentation by Optimizing Content Information for Maximal Entropy September, 2018 ETHZ
ISTU TRANS-FUSIMO - Model based treatment support for FUS in moving abdominal organs May, 2018 FME
EUFUS Comparison of static and dynamic motion models for MRI guided focused ultrasound liver treatment October, 2017 UNIVDUN
EUFUS In-silico first stage evaluation of a focused ultrasound treatment system for moving targets October, 2017 FME
EUFUS Novel technology for liver MRgFUS October, 2017 FME
AAPM HIFU Treatment Planning, Modeling, and Dose August, 2017 MED
ECR TRANS-FUSIMO Lunchsymposium March, 2017 FME, UNIVDUN
Intl FUS Symposium The TRANS-FUSIMO system-towards a prototype for HIFU treatment of the liver under breathing motion + several poster contributions August, 2016 FME, UNIVDUN
MIAR Temporal Prediction of Respiratory Motion Using a Trained Ensemble of Forecasting Methods August, 2016 ETHZ
EAES Planning and Testing for a Novel Non-invasive Trans-Fusimo Treatment System for LiverTumor Ablation June, 2016 UNIVDUN
IPCAI In-vivo Validation of Spatio-Temporal Liver Motion Prediction from Motion Tracked on MR-Thermometry Images June,2016 ETHZ
ISTU TRANS-FUSIMO - An integrative approach to model based treatment planning and conducting of FUS in moving abdominal organs March, 2016 FME,Mediri
ISTU Measurement Of Sonication Duration For Ablation Of Tumour In Liver Using TRANS-FUSIMO Treatment System By Using Fiber-Optic Hydrophone March,2016 UNIVDUN
EUFUS A real-time data processing framework for steered FUS October, 2015 FME
EUFUS Particle-Filter-Based Liver Motion Tracking For MRgFUS October, 2015 Mediri
EUFUS Reusable Tissue Mimicking Phantom with Anatomical Geometries for Multimodality Image Guided FUS Applications October, 2015 UNIVDUN
MICCAI Prediction of Rib Motion during Free-Breathing from Liver Observations using 4D MRI October, 2015 ETH
BMT Motion Tracking Landmark Monitoring for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound September, 2015 Mediri
AAPM TRANS-FUSIMO — An integrative approach to model based treatment planning of liver FUS July, 2015 FME
EAES Robotic assisted positioning for liver tumour ablation by MRgFUS (MR-guided focused ultrasound) June, 2015 UNIVDUN
STM TRANS-FUSIMO – Software support for clinical application of MRgFUS in the liver April, 2015 FME
ISTU TRANS-FUSIMO - An integrative approach to model based simulation for treatment planning and conducting of FUS in moving abdominal organs April, 2015 FME
ISBI Robust exemplar model of respiratory liver motion and individualization using an additional breath-hold image April, 2015 ETH
DMD State of the art MRgFUS October, 2014 UNIVDUN
DMD Navigation and intraoperative imaging in minimally invasive interventions October, 2014 SINTEF
FUS Symposium Accounting for Sliding Motion in Fast Numerical Simulations of Abdominal HIFU Applications for Targets under Respiratory Motion October, 2014 FME
FUS Symposium Ultrasound tracked motion compensated focused ultrasound system evaluated on ex vivo ovine livers October, 2014 FME
SMIT MR Guided Focuses Ultrasound of the liver: FUSIMO the first step toward an patient specific model September, 2014 UNIVDUN
SMIT Thiel Embalmed Human Cadaver: Extracorporeal Central Arterial Circulatory Model Development. September, 2014 UNIVDUN
SMIT Ex vivo experiments for ultrasound tracked motion compensation of focused ultrasound surgery September, 2014 FME
CIRSE Magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound surgery of primary pancreatic and hepatic cancer: a totally non-invasive treatment September, 2014 LSR
MICCAI Bayesian Real-Time Liver Feature Ultrasound Tracking September, 2014 Mediri
MICCAI Improved reconstruction of 4D-MR images by motion predictions September, 2014 ETH
MICCAI Detection and registration of ribs in MRI Using geometric and appearance models September, 2014 ETH

Press Releases

2017-03: https://www.fraunhofer.de/en/press/research-news/2017/march/ultrasound-scalpel-destroys-liver-tumors.html

2014-03: Fraunhofer MEVIS Press Release: Liver Therapy With Ultrasound

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 611889