Training and learning system

The TRANS-FUSIMO training and learning system (TTLS) is a collection of software tools that help clinicians and research personnel to understand the planning and treatment process using the TRANS-FUSIMO Treatment System (TTS). The TTS is connected to hardware devices such as the MR scanner, the HIFU transducer and a TTL pulse generator. It synchronizes these data sources and provides a graphical user interface for safe application of focused ultrasound therapy in moving organs.

In order to support the learning process of working with the TTS system, the TTLS implements a disarmed version of the TTS - a training simulator - without any connections to real hardware, such as MR scanner or HIFU transducer. These corresponding APIs to these machines have been implemented by emulating software devices in the TTLS for the purpose of treatment replay and training.

The data source for the TTLS is a database consisting of patients with one or more treatment sessions, that is, a set of medical images of the patient together with a planned sequence of sonications, each defined by transducer characteristics, target coordinates, duration, and intensity (see section “Treatment sessions”). The TTS is able to export the data of a real treatment session into the database while the TTLS is able to query this data from the database for further review, replay and training.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 611889